We’re all familiar with 3 A.M. in one way or another.  That time after shows and before a good night’s rest.  We exchange stories and laughs in the wee hours of the morning before calling it a night, but now you can give 3 A.M. another meaning.  3 A.M. is a trio of producers hailing from Toronto and making some seriously good music.  You might remember their excellent original “Struttin'” (read more and download here), and their heavy “Nightcall” remix.

Even if you haven’t heard either of these tracks, you should still give 3 A.M.’s newest, “Sometimes” a rinse or two.  The trio is known for giving their fans tastes of electro, but this time, 3 A.M. tries something a bit different.  Compared to past productions, this original is a chilled out bass track with some light and bouncy synths laid on top.  Seriously, you can’t go wrong with this tune whether is Noon or well…3 a.m.

Download 3.A.M. Sometimes (Original Mix)

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