artworks-000043829051-3kagkh-originalWhen two minds like those of Dabin and Koda meet, the result is explosive and innovative (of which we are thankful for).  Kannibalen Records artist and Toronto native Dabin doesn’t depart from his signature style, yet tones it down a little bit and tunes into more natural sounds and samples.  The track opens with a mysical feel provided by what sounds like samples from a traditional Tibetan long horn, and has the same hypnotic effect that puts the monks into a trance-meditation state of mind.  When Koda’s vocals become a factor, a story unfolds of the way a woman can control situations in so many powerful ways, and simultaneously, Dabin opens more layers featuring a melodic pianoline and subtle pops of synth that elaborate the thoughful but relaxed feeling even further.  Dabin is quickly making a name for himself and shocking listeners’ definition of “quality” with every track that he releases, so if you’re not familiar with him or his Kannibalen Records family, nows the time.

Listen / Download : The Take Down (Original Mix) – Dabin & Koda

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