Lil+Texas+texas2As far as I recall, my prom was not that poppin’. Like at all. But with the genre entitled “PROM” for this track, this new banger via Lil Texas has afterparty written all over it. The vocal sample give a feeling of the 80’s, back when prom was a big deal to everyone, but what all those 80’s kids imagined the future to be like. Now were here in the future, and we’re just tryina get crunk, not slow dance. Made with a lot of open space in it, this track has all the trillness of trap you need, but all very carefully used, not too full, but not too empty, and the Jersey Club part is bound to get almost anyone HYPED! Grab the free download of this and don’t miss out on things to come, this kid and his whole crew ( M|O|D) are taking over!


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