Ryan Hemsworth

Ryan Hemsworth has always set himself aside as an eclectic producer, and with a tune like this on his belt, he is showing the rap game he is ready to produce for and with the best. Most producers who DJ as well in the same “field” as Ryan Hemsworth is in, generally speaking, are in sights of working with huge rap artists, or even composers to bring their music to the next level. I could hear Weezy coming in on this track, or even Quincy Jones writing some of this out for his orchestra as a nice, trill little interlude. Hell, when this track first started, with the horn section and clicks like horse-feet trotting, I easily could have pictured Kanye making this beat, however, in a classic Hemsworth fashion, the buildups and percussive elements have that unique electronic style that could only be Ryan himself. Stay tuned to your boy, he’s obviously up to some big things!

Download: Proto – Ryan Hemsworth
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/57ee.mp3]

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