AdaptttIf you’ve been following The Dankles for awhile, you know we love the sounds that Arizona producer +verb has been putting out for the last few years. Recently Dom decided to reinvent his sound and alias, but not without giving his fans one last song. The good folks at  710 Records are throwing this new one out for free, and it’s a real treat. Dipping and weaving through the synths and sounds that he’s known for, “ADAPTTT” is a perfect way to close out +verb, and move on to bigger and better things.

He’re’s what Dom had to say about the matter.


i just wanted to give you one last track under my “+verb” alias. :)

this project has been through many shifts. the first release was in march of 2010 and since then the ride has been amazing and i feel so much gratitude towards those who supported and believed. if u bought my music: thank you. if you illegally downloaded my tracks and enjoyed them: thank you. if u brought me out to perform in your city: thank you. if u were a fan and paid to come see me jam out: thank you. if you released my music as a label: thank you.

i feel that this alias served as a chance for me to share what i “learned” musically. i came from knowing absolutely nothing about music theory & technology and now i feel comfortable with the gear and sounds. in the process i had a strong desire to always be open about my tracks and share as much as i could. the result was a lot of +verb tracks out in the open haha.

anyhow, as i move FORWARD and ONWARD i want each of you to remember one thing about this project: experiment and live outside your comfort zone. this is where the most amazing creations and experiences occur!!! do what is different.

so what is next? i am not quitting music. far from. :)

things are in motion and i feel perfectly aligned with new projects and experiences and i am thankful for every new opportunity that comes my way. i can’t share more at the moment. much love to you all.


dom / +verb

Download: ADAPTTT – +verb 710 Records on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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