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Peer Kusiv

548767_433875970008272_1502839418_nGermany isn’t exactly what I think of when I think of positivity.  I mean the whole Black forest thing, a culture known for working some of the longest work days in the world and not to mention that messy WWII thing….but Peer Kusiv is taking a new spin on that perspective.  After working on “Natur & Techno”, a full-length project which is well….exactly what the title would lead one to believe, and full of only original productions, his most recent stint and inspiration of his sounds seems to stem from the emerging springtime maybe, the positivity that only the sun can bring after a long winter.  Turning down-tempo and sappy sort of indie ballads into more positive electronic tracks is the lane that Peer Kusiv is driving in these days.  Sampling vocals and more classic instruments like melodic acoustic guitars from the country world and peppering in swift cymbals is just one of the formulas that Peer uses to turn more internally reflective songs into more dream pop work that you would dance to than cry to after your cat dies.

Listen : Settle Down ft. Kimbra – Peer Kusiv

Listen : Someone Told Me – Peer Kusiv

Peer Kusiv on : Facebook | SoundCloud

Active Child

884463_10151532574831940_41712773_oI think its almost every single human who lives on the planet Earth’s routine each night as we lay in bed, or wherever one slumbers (obviously discounting nights of obliteration and complete exhaustion), that we reflect on the day’s occurrences, expectations of tomorrow, and slow digestions of the things that life throws our way.  Active Child seems to have a way of projecting this ritual into an analog-sounding track that’s full of harp strum samples, electric drums, and church bells are layered under LA producer Pat Grossi’s own warm vocals.  It seems like the working in such close quarters with the likes of James Blake, School of Seven Bells, White Rabbits and more has rubbed off on the Active Child, as his productions definitely embody the indie-gone-electronic-gone-ambient process.  Recently, the productions and tracks have a very personal touch in which the producer and vocalist in one tells stories of relationships and many aspects that go along with said material; monogamy, heartbreak, identity, and so on.  When considering that the producer’s alias would insinuate some wild kind of energy, it makes me wonder if the activity we’re considering here is active energy or molecular chemistry, or a combination of the two kingdoms of madness.

Listen : Evening Ceremony – Active Child

Listen : Hanging On – Active Child

Active Child on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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