14560_450568351671408_1489523889_nSolidisco may have me strapping on my boots and strutting out the door in the “The Russians are Coming” fashion with this new release as the anthem to my end of the work-week exit.  The duo native to Buffalo, NY must have gotten a bit of spring fever and has already kicked the high energy and good feeling that the warm weather brings to all when it saunters into town.  The orchestral build in the beginning of electric piano and larger-than-life “I’ll Never Let You Go” vocal samples break into French house heaven.  Phaser effects over various percussion instruments melded together (including a piccolo) create the clapablility and snap your finger-ness into the room to loosen the mood.  A-Trak has been laying this gem down in live sets and creating quite a splash with this feel-good summer anthem so grab it while you can and get familiar before you start hearing this at every single festival around the US this summer!

Download Solidisco Never Let You Go

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