One of the best smaller North American labels at the moment, Forward Thinking Sound, has released one stellar tune just recently.  True North, a producer from Sydney, Australian, I first came across his music from his excellent Bespoke EP and the combined releases of tracks “Metric” and “Brightwork”.   Everything I’ve heard from the young producer has thoroughly impressed me.  Perhaps the rise of post-dubstep sounds has finally started to take hold.  If you listened to this track without any previous knowledge of True North, you’d probably expect him to be from somewhere in the UK, but that’s not the case.  “Bismuth”, True North’s new single starts with ambient sounds followed by scattered spots of production.  Soon distant vocals arrive but come and go, and this all gradually leads up to a fantastic main course that will leave you wishing the beginnings of dubstep would return.  Listen and download below, enjoy!

Download Bismuth True North

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