It is a beautiful thing when two artists combine to make music together as it allows each of their styles to be featured on the same track. But when two artists combine repetitively to create music and perform perform live together via b2b sets in front of a packed audience, then you have yourself a modern day Bromance in the making. Brodinski & Gesaffelstein have done such a thing; bringing their techno backgrounds together to supply our eardrums with much enjoyment over the past few years. Their newest release is a dark remix of Laurent Garnier’s “Jacques In the Box” that is oh so fresh! If you dig the song, check out the rest of the remix EP on JunoPlayer today. Enjoy mes Amis

Listen: Jacques In the Box (Brodinski & Gesaffelstein Dirty Sprite Remix) – Laurent Garnier
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/57r7.mp3]

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