Jessie+Ware+PNGJessie Ware released her debut album, Devotion, in the UK August of 2012 and it was undoubtedly of my favorites of the entire year.  Jessie Ware‘s seductive voice perfectly compliments the production throughout the album. If you enjoy female vocalists, this is an album that you should definitely check it out on it’s April 16th release in the United States. A$AP Rocky is without argument one of the most talked about rappers since his LIVELOVEA$AP  mixtape in 2011 and his LONGLIVEA$AP LP earlier this year. Since then, Rocky has been making moves in the hip hop world as well as teaming up with the English artist  Jessie Ware on this mezmorizing song. A$AP Rocky adds two new verses on this song that t transition smoothly between Jessie’s singing. This track will be on high rotation for us here at The Dankles.


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