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For all of our New Yorkers, if you haven’t ran into the name Mess Kid, you’ve probably been going to the wrong parties. A resident DJ at #GO DEEP, an outstanding underground club event that has been making serious moves as well as, the infamous underground NYC boxing match known as Friday Night Throw Down, while also a guest at many awesome events, Mess Kid also works as a producer for people by the likes of LE1F and for his own sets, to create a vibe like none other. Having so much work under his belt, has made him a master of his craft at this point, knowing only how to play to a crowd damn near perfectly, and keep anyone twerkin’ under any circumstance. Due to his recent successes and some awesome things in the works for him coming up, we here at The Dankles wanted to make sure you all were up on him and what he has up his sleeve. Here are some of his works, and be sure to stay up on him via Facebook/Twitter, ESPECIALLY if your a New York head, he’s always up to something, and could be spinning a last minute event that is sure to be a good time!

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