Without a doubt, Minnesota (born Christian Bauhofer) is one artist that has been rising up through the ranks consistently over the last couple years.  I first discovered Minnesota after releases like “Who Shot Ya” ft. Getter, Minnesota’s remix to “California Dreamin'” and “Riverside”.  It’s pretty interesting to see an artist grow; starting with only a few followers and then a couple years later, headlining huge shows and playing massive festivals.  [Check out our interview with Minnesota from last fall!]

Minnesota’s sound has certainly changed over time too.  When he was getting his footing as an upcoming producer, his tracks lean towards the heavier dubstep side without a doubt.  As time went on, Minnesota found the sexier side of bass music and crafted his music full of emotions and power.  The hard whomping dubstep might be something of the past, but I’m perfectly fine and loving Minnesota’s new approach.

Minnesota’s newest release, Eternal Frequencies, is a two track EP featuring some of the spaciest bass and soundscapes to date.  The first track on the EP, “Bloom” starts very slowly, building into gigantic reverb ridden and filtered guitar licks that perfectly compliment the lower frequencies on the track.  “Bloom” would be the most fitting soundtrack to floating contently through space, admiring all the universe has to offer.  The second track on the EP, “Stardust Redux” is a remake or reprocessed version of a past original (listen here).  The new form “Stardust Redux” differs greatly, but some connections can be made.  The varied use of strings are still present in both, but the track has taken new life when the drop approaches.  Choppy bass that sounds distant one second and then near the next fill your ears from start to finish.  Download both of these track for free from Minnesota!

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