541034_10151185404717353_623132470_nPhoto by Jeff Martin

Ben Ruttner and James Patterson, a New York City duo known as The Knocks are back once again to give us a phenomenal remix.  The young duo garnered their name from early studio sessions when disgruntled neighbors would knock on their doors only to voice their complaints.  If I was next door, I wouldn’t have a problem with the noise at all, especially if it was this remix.

The Knocks gave the remix treatment to LA producer Goldroom on the track “Only You Can Show Me”, which featured vocals from Mereki Beach.  Compared to the original the remix is a little less funky and a bit more smooth, and Mereki’s vocals add such a beautiful aspect to this tune that it can’t go unnoticed.  If you’re all about the funk, don’t worry, there is a still a fat bassline in this remix too.  Download this one from The Knocks and enjoy!

Download Goldroom Only You Can Show Me ft. Mereki Beach (The Knocks Remix)

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