A young 22 year old producer, Tinush Salehi, better known as Tinush, is a German tech and minimal house producer.  I downloaded this song the other day as a suggestion from a friend and I’m glad I discovered Tinush.  On Tinush’s Facebook page, you’ll find a bio, completely written in broken English, but still readable.  There you’ll find everything you need to know about Tinush, from what production programs he started with and is now working with and what other genres he enjoys besides tech house.

His new tune “Sanburg” premiered a little over a week ago but it’s pretty damn good.  In tech house fashion, Tinush makes this track mesmerizing, throwing in vocal samples here and there, while we bob our heads with delight.  The best part of the entire tune comes in with the horns.  It honestly reminds me a bit of the Star Wars bar scenes, and that my friends is a great thing!

Download Tinush Sandburg (Original)

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