Remember Noah Hyde?  We’ve featured his music multiple times and for good reasons.  Noah brings us new music pretty regularly and it’s always on-point.  It’s like Noah knows exactly what I want to listen to and then goes and creates it (that’s how I’d like to imagine it at least).  Noah Hyde is a producer and DJ from Boise, Idaho, which probably isn’t the first place you’d imagine a DJ to be, but if you listen to Noah’s music, it must be quite fitting for Idaho.

Previously Noah Hyde has given us remixes to MAU, Purity Ring and Wake Owl, all of which are superb examples of Noah’s style.  Noah’s newest remix is of Wild Cub’s gives the feel of a throwback to the 80’s and car chases with big thick bouncing synths and catchy vocals, think Kavinsky’s new album with a bit of a lighter side.  Listen to this new one below and thank Noah later!

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