Matt Roan_Black Swan

I admire any artist who dares to take on the task of remixing music that hasn’t been current in quite sometime. The music of our past is begging for that special individual to revive a song and produce something new, unique, and memorable for our current and future generations. Matt Roan (That Roan) is one of the Windy City’s most distinguised DJ’s and is someone we’ve admired long before The Dankles was even a thought in John’s mind. He recently took touch to a track that features the beautiful voice of Aaliyah and turned it into a deep house banger of sexy proportions. When Matt isn’t providing our ears awesome R&B remixes, he occupies the role of transportation specialistat Crossfader Kings which is a Chicago based record label. We hope this song will power your through your hump day and like always……Enjoy mes Amis

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