dangerIf you’re in the moombahton circle as some of us are, then you’ve probably been impatiently awaiting this track’s release for quite some time, so we’re glad that Bro Safari and Sazon Booya decided that the bell had finally tolled.  The track has some age on it, which is a nice way to refresh listeners’ minds to the essence of moombahton.  The track starts out with an almost hynotic melody that is calming, but when the reggaeton vocals are layed into the track, the old formula of the reggaeton influence and dutch house come into play.  Adding some bars of the dubstep growls on the higher-pitched side, “Danger” becomes a mirror back in time to the inception of the moombahton sound and its experimental and development period, showcasing more of the earlier side to be considered moombahcore.  Also, head the warning provided by this track’s title, one may suffer bodily damage in a pit from either swinging arms that are effected by the high energy, or lose an extremity if it gets caught between some fine ladies’ twerking butt cheeks.

Listen / Download: Danger – Bro Safari & Sazon Booya

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