artworks-000044476836-r31n19-t500x500The Chicago-based Regulators are truly a duo to be reckoned with. They have had an exponential growth since their conception last May, and it is with each and every new release from these young guns that we get to see another side of this bass powerhouse. Taking the trap game by storm with their earlier remixes of Bait and Whistle Dixie, their latest remix of DJ Fresh‘s epic and trumpet-led Fight song is nothing short of refreshing yet captivating. Taking a different approach to the usual trap intro, this latest remix samples a Rocky Balboa-inspiring trumpet melody that is driven to the point of utter trill-ness, where an ensuing almost drunken trumpet sound follows with hard hitting cymbals and kicks. This remix of course was offered for free download, as they know that anyone who likes and downloads their new remix will give them a wicked shout out on their Facebook page or like their track on SoundCloud, right?

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