It’s always a pleasent surprise when you get random gifts on your birthday, and yesterday, that’s just what Para One was given from Canblaster.  Canblaster, a French producer and one fourth of the French group Club Cheval knows how to reconfigure a track, as evident in this mix.  Canblaster rides the boarders between genres and lets his sound ooze out of the cracks in the ground and flow up to your ears.  Plus, if you’ve ever had guest-list mishaps at shows, there is a pretty funny part of this tune you can resonate with.  Read what Para One had to say about the track below and enjoy!

From Para One’s SoundCloud page…

“Out of the blue, Canblaster just sent me this remix of “When The Night” he did… For my birthday! How cool is that? Here it is as a free DL for you my friends.”

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