Sometimes the music industry gets a little too serious.  Twitter beefs, drawn out apologies on Facebook and quick press clean-ups happen all the time, and the world gets to see it all go down before their eyes.  In times like these, you need to just kick back, relax and enjoy the music from artists who don’t take everything so seriously.

For example, take Milo & Otis, a duo named after a pug and a kitten…you don’t get much softer than that.  But their music speaks volumes so they don’t have to.  Milo & Otis is the formation of DJ Nymz and KillaGraham, and as you can see, they remixed one of KillaGraham’s tunes. Taking a seriously heavy dubstep tune (that you’ve probably heard live a few times) and transforming it into their own trap VIP.  I must caution you, this one is huge, crank that sub and let it rip!

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