Cashmere Cat, the Oslo, Norway resident and full time beat maker just released the Remix EP to Mirror Maru with five excellent remixes that need to be shared.  In late October of last year, Cashmere Cat released Mirror Maru, a four track EP, and of the four tracks only two of those make it to the remix EP.  “Mirror Mau” and “Kiss Kiss” get the remix treatment from the likes of G.Vump (Brodinski & Guillaume of The Shoes), Busy P, Feadz & Kito, Canblaster and LidoLido.  

Essentially like an all-star cast for a big budget movie, this EP is packed with diversity, creative work and all around excellent remixes.  Below we have Canblaster, G. Vump and LidoLido’s remixes for you to listen to.  Each a bit different and more addicting than the last.  Canblaster’s remix is honestly way out there and that’s why it’s awesome.  Incorporating aspects of trap and R&B, along with his French touch, it makes this remix truly unique on the EP.  G. Vump (formally Gucci Vump) is still going strong with this new remix to “Mirror Maru”.  I’d like to make the comparison of their remix to TNGHT’s work, but I don’t think TNGHT could have done better on this beat.  And finally we have LidoLido closing out the EP.  Probably the most tame remix on the EP, I can help but be remind of past tunes from Rustie after listening to LidoLido’s remix, and that certainly isn’t a bad thing at all.  Now keep in mind that both Busy P and Feadz have two more remixes and they are both very different from the three below.  Listen and enjoy!

The Mirror Maru remix EP is available now on iTunes via Pelican Fly

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