If at this point you still don’t know about the M|O|D Crew, you have obviously been living under a rock, but something that some of you may not know is just how eclectic these cats are. C.Z. (a rapid up-and comer in the crew) has officially proven so with his first EP “Bathtub“. The kid seriously went in on this one, showing his mastery in almost all up and coming genre’s, as well as dwindling ones. To start, the end of his EP showcases that he is still on top of the ENTIRE trap game, on a more hood level as well as the sexy side of it, much like the sounds of MORRI$/Sango. However, the EP in its entirety focuses on the newer waves of tunage coming, which are going to soon hit harder than Dubstep or Trap ever could, IMO. With a full selection of Booty Tech, Deep House, Future Garage and even some wild Downtempo in the midst of it, it is safe to say that C.Z is more than ready to take over the game. So seriously, cop this EP, cause once you hear it, you’ll notice a mere 5 bucks is well worth the awesomeness that is “Bathtub“.

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