Is there anything Diplo can’t do these days?  The head-hancho at Mad Decent, producer on Snoop Lion’s new album, the man behind Major Lazer, constant collaborator and cultural curator are all titles Diplo has acquired recently.  If there is a new genre, sound or vibe, Diplo will be there to explore and try his hand at it.  Let’s not forget about the collaborator on this track too, TAI.  TAI is a German producer that usually gives his listeners blends of house and techno beats.  The producer recently collaborated with The Bloody Beetroots and Bart B More on the track “Spank“, and he has also released a number of new singles and remixes recently.

Diplo and TAI has come together for one hell of a collaboration.  “Booty Drop” takes the samples from Kreyshawn’s track “Twerkin” (in which Diplo has vocals on) and reorganizes them for a new big room twerk anthem.  Without a doubt, just like all Diplo songs, this one is going to be played out everywhere you go over the course of the next couple months.  Whether or not you actually enjoy Diplo (talk) rapping on a track, the pay-off of the track comes from the drop.  Snippets that sound like Elmo being tickled punctuate the track while big room house sounds bounce from start to finish.  Enjoy this new one from Diplo and TAI.

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