If you follow the dynamite threesome, Krewella, on Twitter then you know they have been talking some serious hype lately on a possible collaboration with Colorado duo, Savoy. Although I was hoping for an original track between the two, this remix will do. Plus, hopefully their relationship can turn into something a little more (hint hint).

Besides for these two groups Krewella has also released remixes for their track, “Come & Get It,” by Rogue, Razihel, The Chaotic Good, Kairo and DMNDZ. Personally my favorite is the Savoy remix. I think these two make an awesome team. Their slight differences in genre collaborate nicely, while their similarities are what make them perfect for one another.

A lot of these remixes on this set sounded really similar, (which I guess is obvious because it is all remixes of the same song,) but I was still hoping for a little bit more variety. The closest this compilation got was the Kairo Kingdom remix, which had a more deep dubstep feel to it. They really accentuated the deep wompy vibe. This was pretty dope to hear because before hearing this remix I wasn’t sure how much more you could “remix” the song. It’s always the worst when a producer over edits a track. Then it results in losing the structure of what makes it so bomb in the first place. Also the DMNDZ remix was noteworthy. They also emphasized the rhythms and throbs within the track dubstep wise. As a long time Krewella fan I would love to hear a producer that could remix one of their tracks but maybe slow it down and add a somewhat sexy vibe. Could be interesting, but then again I’m no producer.

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