When it comes to the heaviest, filthiest, raunchiest dubstep, look no further than the four-piece known as Helicopter Showdown to quench that thirst for bass.  While we wait for the newest tunes from Helicopter Showdown the four members have decided to release fifteen tracks as a collective LP called, Free For All.  Most of the tracks on the LP can be heard elsewhere, some newer and some older, but as a collective piece this LP really shines for Helicopter Showdown.

Helicopter Showdown’s complexity in production makes them stand out among the mass of over-saturated dubstep producers.  The thought that goes into their tracks makes each song feel like a chapter in a larger novel of music, and to add to that, the guys are pretty great people too!  If you’re missing something of the Helicopter Showdown library, this is the perfect opportunity to re-up on one of our favorite dubstep producers.

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