If you’ve been a fan of The Dankles for a while now, then you’ve undoubtably seen or heard from Viceroy (pictured above) before, but you might not be familiar with the co-creators of this track, French Horn Rebellion.  Viceroy has long been known as the man who brings the funk and summer-time vibes.  For those that aren’t familiar, French Horn Rebellion is two carefree brothers from New York bringing you similar jams as Viceroy.  In their newest single together, “Friday Nights”, we get a disco-house jam that takes the listener through the struggle of courting your favorite lady friend throughout the week.  Funny or all too true?  Either way, this jam is perfect for grooving and what’s better is it’s free for now!

Will be available soon on Spotify, iTunes, Beatport, and all other digital distributers. For a LIMITED time, you can download it for FREE in exchange for one simple TWEET.

Viceroy and French Horn Rebellion – Friday Nights Remix EP (COMING SOON)

1. Friday Nights
2. Friday Nights (Rush Midnight Remix)
3. Friday Nights (Bronx Remix)
4. Friday Nights (Jessie Andrews Remix)

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