Few artists can conjure feelings and emotions through their music.  Some artists do it to a certain extent but others, like Lapalux, get down to the root of the feelings, making the listener aware of every move and sound.  Lapalux is a unique breed of producer.  Perhaps that’s why he’s apart of the forward thinking and always on-point Brainfeeder record label.  Lapalux still hasn’t seen the recognition he should, but his reputation is growing every minute.

I predict that in a month or two, people are really going to catch on to Lapalux’s sound.  The Essex producer dropped his debut album, Nostalchic, late last month.  The thirteen track album features some of the best in beat music drawing obvious comparisons to producers like Flying Lotus, Sinjin Hawke, Hudson Mohawke (1/2 of TNGHT).  Seriously, if you’re into spacey, dream-like beat music with emotional wait that is hard to find elsewhere, I strongly recommend checking out Lapalux’s new album.  “Moveoutofmyway” featuring ShadowBox is a track that didn’t make it to the album but by the sound of it, you’d have no idea.  Download the track below and check out Nostalchic now!

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