Reilly Brown, aka Mizuki, is one of the 8 deadly members of Doctor P and Flux Pavillion‘s mega-label Circus Records, and he has proven to be an indispensable member of this UK-bass driven collective from the start. His unique and video game-like approach to each track exposes an unforeseen pathway through the realms of heavy-bass music, clearly present in his latest two releases “Punch Out” and “Oh Yeah”. At first, adventurous and epic 8-bit synth melodies arise, similar to those found in a classic Gameboy video game. However, as these grooves augment themselves with increasing momentum, they reach the breaking point. We can only characterize this sound as a flooding of the senses with dubstep lasers and slow-rolling waves of grime, but as with all things in life, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you may experience things a little differently. Nonetheless, both of these tracks advertise Mizuki‘s veteran understanding of dance-inducing bass-lines and euphoric soundscapes, so for any and all that appreciate what these new releases have to offer, we HIGHLY encourage y’all to purchase these releases via iTunes and show this young bass pioneer some love in any way possible!

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