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There is nothing better than discovering new artists that seem to know exactly what you want to listen to.  You know it’s a good release when you can put on their music and let it play out without skipping a single track.  Today I discovered a small producer known as Buhay.  The young producer, a Chicago native, is certainly finding his sound and experimenting all around with this new release.

In late March, Buhay dropped the Hallelujah, a five track EP featuring four originals and one remix via Young Latitudes.  The EP starts with a short but emotional “Intro”, where ambient sounds and snippets of samples filtrate your ears.  Next is “Creation (Yup!)”, an upbeat, feel-good track that continuously builds until a fun trapped out drop hits you in the face.  “Title Sequence” and “Hallelujah” both stand out on the EP for their drum work, which is rare for an upcoming producer.  Finally, closing out the EP is a remix from Tours.  If you’re looking for a fun, feel-good EP, you can’t go wrong with Hallelujah.

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