Leaving behind the past of Sazon Booya after the series of events which led to its rupture, SAV and Mystereo are taking the reigns to control their future.  Take a minute to get to know more about these two enigmas whose conquest of domination in the world of dance music begins in just a few short days at none other than the world famous Pacha (CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS).

TD:  Hey SAV and Mystereo (“My” below)…first, thanks a lot for taking some time out to let us get to know you a bit better.  What are your real names, ages, and where do you currently call home?

SAV: No, thank you Emily. My name is Stephen Alex Vasquez and I’m old enough to party. I currently live in Queens, New York.

My: Hi Emily. My real name is Mystereo. I am of age, and currently living in SAV’s apartment after some serious flooding issues occurred in my cave. I plan on returning home to the cave as soon as I get said flooding issues taken care of.

TD:  How did you guys get involved in electronic music?  What were your initial goals to pursue?

SAV: I really got into dance music circa 2007 when I was throwing monthly events at this club called the Annex, now called Tamanny Hall.  The Indie Electro scene was burgeoning and there was an interesting subculture emerging as well. There was one party in particular called the Ruff Club that would blend acts like Mstrkrft, The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem with the Ramones, the Clash, Velvet Underground etc. I thought the convergence was interesting and I wanted to follow the movement. Going to these parties eventually lead me to create The Electro Wars documentary. That film opened up so many doors and introduced what was once a countercultural movement into the mega monster that it is today.

My: I was born with electronic music flooding through my veins.

TD:  So, after the messy Miami events and the Sazon Booya fallout, you’re heading onward and upward as SAV with our full support.  As an immediate response, you guys have released a mini-video series (4 to total) that also previews the forthcoming EP, what is the vision with the EP musically?

SAV: I’ve always been a filmmaker first and foremost, the SAV project will embody a lot of cinematic elements within the music but also deliver on the dance floor. I have always been a fan of composers like Elfman, Williams, Zimmer etc. I remember bringing a tape recorder to the movie theater as a kid, recording soundtracks and listening to them for months. My friends thought I was crazy. This helped develop my understanding of score and how important it is to the visual component of a film. Music and visual go hand in hand one cannot exist without the other, even if its just a suggestion of sound, some of the most minimal scores are some of the most important.

TD:  With such a strong background in film and photography, how will the visual element add to SAV and Mystereo’s future?

SAV: I want to tell a story visually and sonically. My background in film allows me to experiment with sounds most producers would never entertain incorporating into their production. I’m not trying to make left field music for the sake of trying something different, I want to make cinematic dance music because its true to who I am as an artist and a person.

My: We want the visual element not to eclipse the music, but to compliment it. The two will go hand in hand like Soda and Fries.

TD:  Who is your favorite superhero?

SAV: Mystereo and my mother.

My: Myself.

TD:  How is the direction of SAV for the future going to differ from the now expired vision that Sazon Booya aimed for?

SAV: They’re two different projects for many reasons. Sazon was a collaborative effort, there were two minds coming together to make a particular type of sound. Vega would oftentimes adapt his production to match my sensibilities which always proved to be challenging since I was never a producer. Overtime we learned how to cohesively develop a “sound” but anyone that followed the group knows our sound was very eclectic.  We actually caught a lot of flack because it couldn’t be defined. The SAV project is going to attempt to bring a cinematic texture to the club.  I want to evolve it within its own parameters but always stay true to the dance element it will carry.

My: Well, it’s a new chapter. A new story we’re telling, or living for that matter. Like any great continued stories, there will be some elements from the original that made our fans and audience love us in the first place. If we were to abandon that completely…It would not be smart.  If were to continue on that same path without deviating whatsoever…It would not be smart. #Expansion#Evolution#TheKey

TD:  You’re doing your first official show at home in NYC as SAV at Pacha this weekend with Mord Fustang, what are you looking forward to the most for this first night?

SAV: I can’t wait to drop the new stuff I’ve been working on for months. Mystereo and I have a few surprises in store during the live show as well. We’re just trying to keep our head in the game. We’re stoked to see our fans come out as well and celebrate the next chapter, not only in our careers but our lives as well. I can’t thank every one enough for all the support and inspirational messages. Thank you guys for keeping us motivated to make our art.

My: I’m simply looking forward to getting back in the business of doing what SAV and myself do best. Entertaining the crowd, and raging our faces off.

TD:  Who would you like to collaborate with if you could choose anyone dead or alive?

SAV: Hector Lavoe.

My: Skerrit Bwoy.

TD:  What do you think about the “bubble” of over saturation on every front; from the tour/show market to the sheer amount of producers who popped up recently.  Where do you think this will drive the electronic market to in the future?

SAV: All great empires rise and fall. Dance Music will not be any different. Capitalism will prevail and over saturation will ultimately lead to the demise of the genre on a commercial front but I feel that the genre will return to the underground and new genres will be championed. Dance Music has so much potential to evolve into many different forms. There’s still a subculture that adheres to it.

My: At the end of the day, oversaturation of anything is never a good thing. However, the cream never ceases to rise to the top. I feel that the top Electronic acts that continue to put out banging, fire tracks shall be undeterred by the countless amounts of garbage that oversaturates the market.

TD:  Who do you aspire to make proud through your work?

SAV: The fans definitely. There the ones who keep us motivated. I can’t even begin to tell you the fear and joy I get when I release something I created on the internet. If it’s received well I’m elated with joy, if it’s not, I strive to make it better the next time around. The internet is the best platform to engage with your fans, it is no secret at this point without the internet Mystereo and I would not have a voice.

My: The fans. Without the fans, there would be no reason to do what we do. We keep making them proud, happy, and satisfied—they keep giving us reason to deliver.

TD:  Anything we didn’t cover that you might want to mention or any shout-outs you’d like to make?

SAV: Expect lots of content in the upcoming months. Mystereo and I are extremely motivated and driven. Before I release my solo EP I will be releasing a collaborative Moombahton EP with an amazing up and coming producer by the name of Happy Colors from Miami. The EP is essentially tracks I wanted to finish with Mr Vega for the Sazon Booya project.  I will be announcing the release date later this week. 

My: We got a lot of surprises coming up for the fans, particularly in our live show…I’d tell you what they were Emily—but where would the Mystery-o be in that?? Guess you’ll just have to stay tuned. See y’all at Pacha—It’s gonna be one for the books! #Cowabunga#Pandamonium#BoomShakalaka!

The Dankles NYC team will be attending the Mord Fustang & SAV show this Friday…




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