This recent duo is quite possibly the most genius pair of musicians on the scene right now.  Their separate tastes in rhythm, samples and vocals are distinct, but at the same time their music sounds like it was produced to be mixed. Plus look how cute they are together (picture above); seems like they’re the modern day version of Frick and Frack (if you don’t know who that is Google it).  Now obviously this is a Ta-ku remix, but just imagine the sounds they could produce if they worked as a team. Ta-ku always has a niche for adding his own flavor to his remixes. His work consistently encompasses an element of perfection; even down to the most negligible tone. However, something about Flume’s music brings both of their work to an entire new level. It is the best of both worlds. Flume remixed Ta-Ku’s track “Higher” around a year ago, and I still have it on my favorites. If you want this puppy to be free then do as Flume says on his SoundCloud, “1000 SOUNDCLOUD SHARES AND I GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE DL!” so let’s make this happen people.

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