Without fault Mount Kimbie has steadily been my favorite pair of downtempo producers snaking their way through the sly grass with their lush and playful sound. Over the past few weeks we have seen the release of two tracks off their highly anticipated sophomore album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth. While both are live for streaming over on their SoundCloud if you hop on over to Dominic and Kai’s webpage and sign on up for their email list you can swoop yourself a free copy of ‘Made To Stray’ before the album debuts next month via Warp Records. So far these two glimpses we have gotten at the album as a whole sound like they have truly been crafting their sound since 2010’s ‘Crooks & Lovers’, their last LP, which only left us all wanting more. A soft garage rhythm laced with angelic vocals fuel ‘Made To Stray’ while ‘Blood and Form’ take us down a more whimsical path in which the vocals really envelop you. Needless to say we’re patiently awaiting the arrival of this LP in full so until then lets hope these tide you guys over!

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