If you’ve followed my personal posts for the last few months, you can tell that downtempo beats have been my bread and butter. The underlying beauty and layered sounds they contain purify my heart. I love when an artist can completely take a track and make it their own. Japanese producer Cleindl is one of those men. Everything he touches turns to gold in my opinion. Montreal based record label Raw Records run by Thomas White Kid Bassline just put out a brand new EP (White Kids) which, to be honest, was very poorly produced and put together. Thank god they had Cleindl to salvage the record with a great remix that’s on a whole other level than the songs it’s paired with. Pick up this beautiful track, and get hooked on Cleindl.

Download: Poisition (Cleindl remix) – Thomas White & Kid Bassline_____________________________

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Download: Hold Me Close- Cleindl

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