580226_445198152230628_680564750_nPhoto by Jorge Meza Photography

When it comes to remixing some of the best R&B and pop tracks, Giraffage is on point every time.  This is the first new sounds we’ve heard from Giraffage (born Charlie Yin) since he released his album, Needs (listen and read more here).  The LP is filled with beats that fall in between traditional genres.  The unique blend is something that can’t be described with a single word.  Think trap or trill music meets R&B vocal samples with a touch of chillwave production.  In Giraffage’s newest remix, we’re given a Janet Jackson tune that’s flipped on it’s head, and to be honest, the track is probably better than the original.  The sensual sounds of Janet Jackson singing over a spacey and feel-good beat makes for one perfect tune.  Listen below and decide for yourself!

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