Kendrick and Sherwyn Nicholls are the twins making music under the name Two Fresh. Recording under the label Elm and Oak, these two have been doing big things as I have high expectations for anything they release, and they have yet to disappoint me.  Elm and Oak is a Boulder based record label that does it all, including the Elm and Oak store I’ve been working at the past few months. The store serves as an art gallery that sells original merchandise for Elm and Oak and Paper Diamond‘s clothing lines, featured artwork and jewelry from local artists,  as well as serving as a home base for the Elm and Oak crew. This is a remix turned Elliot Lipp’s original into a smooth ambient, but upbeat song with that Two Fresh sound we’ve come to love, this was released on Eliot Lipp‘s “Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake Remixes” EP April 2013.

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