Ah yes folks that time of year is almost upon us yet again! Bicycle day is a comin’ and you can’t do anything to stop it as we come together to commemorate a unique ride in the history of our culture!! This being the 70th year of celebration Euphonic Conceptions and Street Ritual Recordings have taken it upon themselves (with the help of many other people) to compile this amazing selection of tunes that should be fitting for celebrations. Wrapped up in here we have exclusive tracks from Shpongleb, Random Rab, Kaminanda, Kitty D, VNDMG & Balance, Mihkal, AND MescaIf that line up of artists doesn’t already get you giddy in your seat then the tracks they all concocted to contribute will have your mind extracted and taken far off into the cosmos.

If this comp has you excited you fellow San Francisco readers should be excited for the upcoming showcase being put together by Euphonic Conceptions amongst others that will be touching down April 19th at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco! You can still swoop tickets for that so don’t sleep, there are going to be many talented artists down there showcasing their craft. Stanley Mouse, Martina Hoffmann, Amanda Sage , Roman Villagrana, Randal Roberts, Jessica Perlstein, Dela, Elizabeth Shumaker, Jonathan Solter, Jeremiah Allen Welch, and Derek Heinemann are a handful of the artists that will be painting live throughout the evening.

And if all of this doesn’t sound too good to be true, get this. Along with us possibly having a little giveaway in the works ourselves, the folks over at Euphonic Conceptions and Street Ritual are gonna have a little contest going of their own!

Euphonic Conceptions and Street Ritual will be giving 1 lucky San Francisco winner and 1 lucky Denver winner the ultimate music lovers experience!

Euphonic Conceptions is giving away (2) tickets to each of their next three shows in San Francisco and (2) tickets to each of their next three shows in Denver!
And both winners will also receive ALL of Street Ritual Records 2013 albums from an epic lineup of artists!

To enter, repost the Official Bicycle Day Compilation on your Facebook page

and MAKE SURE to tag Euphonic Conceptions AND Street Ritual!
(Only tagged posts will be eligible)

Winners will be announced on Wednesday April 18th. Must be 21+.

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