Miguel-Kendrick-Lamar-Cover-VIBE-10A couple weeks ago, Miguel streamed a video relvealing Kendrick Lamar as the person he hit up to be on the official remix of “How Many Drinks” from his album,  Kaleidoscope Dream. The album came out in 2012 and the song “Adorn” won best R&B song at the Grammys earlier in 2013. Getting Kenrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, or Two Chains on your album seems to be the hot thing to do these days, and Miguel didn’t want to miss out on getting that banger. Miguel‘s sexy “How Many Drinks” got reworked here with Kendrick to create an R&B anthem. These two are killing it right now and Kendrick has proven that yet again he slays every feature he gets, giving us a different type of flow and voice that we’re used to from Kendrick Lamar. When word was first released about this remix, it was revealed at the shooting of their music video, so make sure you look out for that! Enjoy

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