The uniquely titled Panteros666 could not have assumed a more appropriate title for himself and his work. His production can be described as “the medium between blasphemy and validity”, combining essences of house, trance, booty bass, and trap into a magnetic and powerful collection of futuristic and robotic jams. Each and every track is just as predictable as the last, making it an always evolving battle for him to push the common boundaries of music and space we see today. However, without any relative doubt, his latest mini LP entitled “HYPER REALITY” does just that. Encompassing an amazing array of big room sounds and sub-bass melodies, Panteros666 travels through the realms of house, trance, club, industrial, and trap (check out “Omega X”) with the perfect balance of finesse and strength, which is why we could not be any happier for it’s release on Bromance Records. Be sure to show some to love to this talented French producer and get live to some crazy club music!

Check out the music video for the single ‘HYPER REALITY’ below!

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