“Ishi is a high energy electronic band with influences of Soul, Funk, & Folk to Electro, Techno & House. They thrive on creating a positive atmosphere that encourages their audience to be themselves & let loose.”

The above statement comes from the description on ISHI’s facebook page, and if you’re a producer or musician of any kind, this statement should reflect your goals too.  To create a positive atmosphere is critical and allowing your audience to be themselves while dancing wildly is also just as important.  Ishi was born in 2006 as an experiment between two friends, JT Mudd and Brad Dale, and since then there has been no looking back.  Now in the present day, Ishi is comprised of three members and a collaborating producer.  In the past couple months, Ishi has played SnowBall Music Festival and opened in support for Snoop Dogg!

Yesterday, Ishi released their sophmore album, Digital Wounds, a twelve track album exemplifying indie dance, nu-disco and funk all in one (check out their first album release here).  After listening through the album multiple times, I’ve noticed that it’s hard for me to skip a track or become bored while listening to any one track, which is a great sign for any album.  The different genres and styles that have been incorporated into Ishi’s album leaves the listener wanting more.  The opening track on the album, “Mirror Ball Sky” reminds be of a more vocal Com Truise and serves as a great opening track to the album.  “Mother Prism” serves as another fine example of indie-dance done right.  Huge catchy hooks are infectious and the simple beat lays down the foundation for the track.  Tracks like “Disco Queen”, “Touch The Future” and “Digital Wounds” make a prime example of some funky disco sounds while giving the listener plenty of variation.

Fans of Neon Indian, Chromeo, Empire Of The Sun and the like will certainly enjoy every second of Ishi’s newest offering.  Pick up Digital Wounds for just $12 on their Bandcamp page.

ISHI on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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