The one thing we love seeing is when people use their profile and status to help others come up in the music industry. Whether it be event promoters helpin out fellow event promoters, artists helping out other artists, or blogs helping out other blogs; it’s a great sign of comradery and friendship when our community works together. My day was completely flipped upside down when I was sent the latest release of an artist unbeknownst to me by the name of Ballast.

The first thought that came to mind upon listening to “Lower” was this must be a creation of someone who’s apart of the Dirtybird Records crew. After hearing his collection of tracks, I feel like it is only a matter of time before the likes of Claude VonStroke and the Martin brothers come a-knocking. Take a listen to this disco/booty tech jam and keep an eye out on further tracks to come from Ballast. Enjoy mes Amis


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