It’s not everyday that a lyricist comes by and plucks my heartstrings just like this amazingly refreshing release from young Chicago born artist XΛVI. Having started climbing the ranks of the music industry from the very bottom, as an intern, she has now risen to a pedestal that has brought her true musical talent to light. It has truly been a good while since a crisp new angelic voice like this has been introduced into the realms of hip-hop and R&B. In due time it won’t surprise us over here at The Dankles to see the young XΛVI here get heard by the right ears and get the spotlight she deserves. While the idea behind ‘Succumbing II America’ itself is great (many of the samples were snipped from the classic Eddie Murphy flick ‘Coming to America’) it gives things an entirely different layer of beauty as XΛVI’s voice slides on in. Churned up in ‘Succumbing II America’ we get everything from silky R&B driven sexy vibrations to some turnt up tracks that are sure to have you cruisin’ on the right tip as you get over the hump this week. Needless to say DO NOT sleep on this gem in the rough right here, she has some true potential that I’m sure we will see more of this year.

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