In the new age of trap music, a listener might have a harder time finding good and new moombahton music.  The infectious vibes that moombahton has given us over it’s three years of existence is unmatched by few genres.  The way moombahton can be soulful and smooth, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, hard, dubstep-infused and dance-floor ready makes for a genre that shouldn’t fall to the way-side.

It’s because of producers like ###(PoundPoundPound) and Chooky that we can be thankful for keeping moombahton alive.  Today the two producers released their newest single, “Uh-Oh”, and I have to admit, I’m thoroughly impressed.  The track starts with that infectious moombahton drum beat that you can’t help but groove to.  Then the track brings in snippets of a sample that are repeated throughout the track.  The track builds and then suddenly we’re given a huge wobbling drop and laser stabbing snyths.  If you’re a fan of moombahton or moombahcore, this tune is certainly going to spark your interests!  Listen and download below!

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