Now this song has just been hankering for someone to take it from behind and really just show it what’s good since Ciara’s original began swooping over the radio waves. Treekeeper is a producer from down south that first crept up on my radar when he slayed the beat behind Danny Seth and Prada‘s track ‘Prespliffs’ which reared it infamous head on Seth’s debut mixtape ‘Prespliffs Vol. 1’. Since then Treekeeper has been keeping things fairly silent, on SoundCloud at least, that is until this fresh rework surfaced last week. After battling a little copyright trouble with SoundCloud Treekeeper finally got his little baby streaming and taking us on this aquatic journey! Layered in this remix we’re dealt a barrage of dripping synth lines coupled with bubbling bass that takes us off on a dreamy aquatic adventure reminiscent of one Ariel’s wet dreams.

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