It’s safe to say that Crookers have been one of the most influential electronic entertainers of the last decade.  The pair’s recent decision to go their separate ways left many fans brokenhearted.  With that being said, Phra has chosen to continue working under the namesake. By consistently producing crowd pleasing dance tracks, fans of Crookers can be assured that the name will forever maintain the reputation they deserve regardless of Bots absence. This “Miami Jetlag Mix” will take you through some smooth yet unexpected turns that you’ll love. This kind of electro-dance mix is how certain transitions stay embedded in your mind for hours and keeps you grooving. Phra’s electronic savviness makes him so exclusive and unforgettable. Moral of the story is, Crookers knows exactly how to make people dance. Take a listen.

Pedestrian – Hoyle Road (Benjamin Damage and Doc Daneeka Remix)
Maison Sky – Shark Alarm
UZ – Trap Shit V13 (Justin Martin Remix)
Poirier – Gal U Good (Astronomar Remix)
SecondCity – The Story
Deadmau5 – Telemiscommunications (Crookers rmx)
Hot Natured – Reverse Sky Diving (Deetron rmx)
Crookers – Heavy
Louis Benoit – Clark Kent (Ciao Recs)
Daddys Groove Cryogenix -Tilt
Crookers – Ghetto Guetta
Crookers – Giga (Ciao Recs)
Dilligas & Crookers – Loud (Ciao Recs)
Crookers & Digi – STIAAH! (Ciao Recs)
Fuuku – M.I.C.U (LuckyBeard Rec)
Stabber – Abduction (LuckyBeard Rec)
Geeky playtime cable
Jeremih – Fuck you all the time

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