In my personal opinion, beat music is where it’s at right now.  The moods and feelings conveyed through the music is unmatched.  Especially if there are no vocals on the track, it allows for the listener to interpret what they want or give meaning to a song.  Taquwami, a Tokyo, Japan producer, has released his newest effort in the form of a four and a half minute track.  You might remember the last time we talked about Taquwami on Dream Koala’s “Hipster Girl” remix or the original “All My Life”.

After listening to Taquwami a few times, it’s hard not to draw comparisons to artists like XXYYXX, Giraffage, Flume and the like, but without a doubt, Taquwami is forging his own path in beat music.  “T Eyes” (pronounced ‘Ties’ I’m guessing) is an upbeat track with repetitious sample use, 808 claps and light airy synths that create a atmosphere for Taquwami’s music to form in.  Listen below and download, enjoy!

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