I dunno how this steaming hot batch of tracks slipped by me when they were released earlier this month but damn am I glad I have SugarBeats beatin’ up my eardrums right now. Coming at us with a fresh EP via Street Ritual,the west coast based duo that makes up SugarBeats deliver us with one of the most enjoyable auditory adventures I have been taken on in some time now. The two can tell you themselves that without one another they wouldn’t have the sound they have today but seen as this is their second release (we saw their ‘Honey Jar EP’ drop on Street Ritual in November 2012) you can definitely here some evolution in their sound! That being said ‘Cherry Bomb’ is going to provide you with the perfect astral soundtrack for cruising around this weekend; wether you’re puttin’ around or ripping through space and time you should just what you need sewn up in this release. The hip-hop influences laced into the gurgling basslines SugarBeats has quarantined on this 12 track release are absolutely from another space and time; yet somehow these two talented producers have coaxed them from hiding on ‘Cherry Bomb’. On top of the killer slew of remixes tacked on at the end of everything this is definitely a must hear for you fellow space creatures out there. Catch a stream from Street Ritual’s SoundCloud but hop on over to Additech to get this whole package of slurppy delicious tracks into that crushin’ playlist of yours.

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