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534417_285616891546913_1938022561_nLike most successful artists, Stuart Price, now known as Tracques, constantly reinvents himself, revamps his work, and has various projects under different aliases that dabble in different sounds all over the spectrum.  Stuart Price has produced music for close to two decades and accomplished many accolades under many names, but the man behind the madness remains the same.  Whether it be Zoot Woman, Jacques Lu Cont, Les Rythmes Digitales, Thin White Duke, Paper Faces and now most recently, Tracques that you know him by, its undeniable that three-time Grammy winner and native British producer has got some serious talent.  As this isn’t a history lesson (and google is filled with background info), the important thing right now is, well, right now.  Tracques has some roots laid pretty deep in French electro and on top of that, earlier house music from the 80’s, which is pretty transparent in his newest tracks.  Take “Click Track” (below) for example, this track and its high energy yet still pretty simple style makes me feel like a zombie assembly worker who works in a factory that churns out demented dolls for other zombie children (ala Chuckie if you will).  No overly heavy basslines are necessary with the still heavy percussion based track that lays in high squeaking synth to add that eerie element.  The originality of a newly birthed project from Lu Cont (as I know him) brings hope to my heart that all isn’t lost in 808 kicks and hi-hats and that innovative talent will always prevail in longevity.

Listen : Click Track – Tracques

Listen : Album Sampler – Tracques

Tracques on : SoundCloud


405198_427004217336405_235770784_nSo everyone, in case you have been too caught up in a little trap storm, there’s already a new movement well developed and causing controvery, drawing producers to its sound, its called Zouk Bass.  Now, the origins of Zouk are very debatable (did Buraka Som Sistema create this new sound?  does this just further develop and rename Tarraxinha, Kizomba, or Semba?), its a similar vibe to moombahton, I’d say closer to tropical bass, but slower, and uses less bass / synths and different percussion rooted sounds.  Either way, the beachy, hang out and relax vibe is drawing attention as the heavy bass tracks with “sick drops” are less appreciated and becoming too unoriginal for many that seek something new.  Since tracks like “Many Debts” (below) could equally hypnotize your grandmother, little brother and you at the same time, the power of the more uncomplicated composition will appeal to larger audiences.  

Listen : Many Debts – Я0M0R

Listen : Deep in the Hood – Я0M0R

Я0M0R on : Facebook | SoundCloud

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