UPDATE: This record has been taken off of BandCamp and is an illegal leak according to Jai Paul. Check out his tweet regarding the album below, and in the meantime go listen to “Jasmine (demo)” again until we hear more from the artist or XL Recordings on the issue.


This is completely unexpected and I honestly cannot believe I am writing about it right now. Jai Paul, one of the most hyped songwriters to come out of the UK in recent times, decided to put his entire debut album up on his Bandcamp page tonight for listeners to hear. After only releasing two singles, “BTSTU” and “Jasmine (demo),” fans having been dying to hear any news about any new music from this amazing artist, and tonight we get sixteen untitled tracks for our listening pleasure. It’s impossible for me to put into words how spectacular the music is, you really just have to listen for yourself. I’m interested to find out why this wasn’t hyped up and released by XL records, and really would just love to know more about this artist in general. But we can all agree on the music so give it a free listen on Bandcamp to tide you over until the new Daft Punk album comes out next month and support the artist by buying it for $10.

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