War Paint - Aeon Tribe

War Paint – Aeon Tribe

Fans of Koan Sound, and Culprate, and any other kind of hard hitting bass music, I’ve found your newest fix. Arizona based trio Aeon Tribe is making some powerful headway in the “neuro-hop” scene, and it doesn’t take long to see why. Their production skills are extraordinary, mixing complex yet catchy drum patterns and reverberating, spacey dubstep whirls and whooshes. Each song is a journey through hard-hitting bass hits and off-kilter melodies, as most recently expressed in their newest free single “War Paint”. This new track sends the mind on an epic journey through time and space, ultimately evolving into a glitch-hop and drum n’ bass-fused tidal wave of energy. Now, despite their aggressive approach in this latest remix, you can find yourself lost in a variety of both heavy bass jams and ambient, dream-like soundscapes within their other works too. This free download is nothing short of necessary for you dub heads out there looking to rock out this weekend, so get yourself your free copy and show some love to the awesome artists behind it!

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