Friends and party fam alike flocked to The Bluebird at IU Bloomington to support and enjoy a fine night of music on Saturday, April 6th. The event bill featured sets from up and coming producers The Dub Knight and DJ Spinz with headlining duties going to current trap heavyweights and long time homies Flosstradamus. The energy was sizzling; if you weren’t covered in sweat by the end of the night you weren’t dancing enough. The artists played a strong serving of bangers that the crowd went ape sh*t over. The show also showcased a wide variety of genre’s; with moombahton, rap, house, dub, trap and being played at some various points. The atmosphere was full of elbow-throwin’, booty-shakin’ and complete madness from start to finish.

The Dub Knight is an unstoppable up and coming DJ from Indianapolis who is currently building quite the reputation for himself. His enthusiasm for electronic music was on display as he kicked off the night. The Dub Knight brought high energy to a set full of massive moombahton and progressive house tracks. His rhythm and bass oriented style had everyone on their feet; he even ended his set with a surprise remix from a TV show we all know, “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” The Dub Knight left the entire crowd hyped and entertained to say the least.

The Dub Knight

DJ Spinz brought a different method of momentum to the turntables by bringing his radio hood-rich style of music into full affect. Spinz started off with solely rap music and slowly worked his way into more electronic tracks. The Dub Knight’s performance left The Bluebird with such high energy, it was difficult for the crowd to transition smoothly into Spinz style. We took this time to regroup, enjoy a cigarette break and get drinks in preparation for Flosstradamus.

Chicago hometown hero’s (aka Flosstradamus) began their set by catapulting strobe lights and trap music at the crowd that set an immediate “lets twerk it out” type of mood. The Bluebird instantly became a wet hot mess as the crowd let loose on the dancefloor. Staying true to character, Josh and Curtis rocked their infamous Fox Racing shirts as they jammed with IU’s wild crowd. Everyone was having a blast and the definition of being TURNT UP was on display. The whole night felt like an intimate house party and we have to thank The Bluebird, The Dub Knight, DJ Spinz, Flosstradamus and Keepin It Deep for providing us with such a fine show.


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